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hopes and dreams and idealisms.

i havent blog for a while and there are a few unpublished posts that i dont want to post but i promised today, i will blog!

i had an interview with tvc director/cinematographer paolo dy (yes people, the guy behind QWERTY) about joining On the Lot and his opinions on the local film industry. After the interview which is something to watch out for at, we were able to talk about our opinions about films, local and international as well as the future of media and the digital world. I really enjoyed that because primarily, I was talking to someone who knew and understand what's in store for us in the future with the fast evolving technology and someone who is prepared for it. something that is rare because i know more people who are not yet ready for the big shift!

change is, as always, inevitable.

i may sound biased because i am a digital media major but we have to get to our senses that everything is going digital, not that people who aren't familiar with technology would become useless, but their experiences and knowledge should be combined with technology so we can still produce the same but hopefully, a BETTER PRODUCT. i saw a fantastic movie (in the sense that the visuals and effects are good) a few days ago but got a bit disappointed finding the storyline too simple and a talented actress' ability undermined. the point im trying to make is, the stories and messages aren't improved DIGITALLY though they are better delivered with the help of technology. Unfortunately we lack good materials and even if we have them, they are shown to a limited number of people disabling to penetrate the "money-making" market.

i have my fair share of not wanting to change or make a big shift or take a huge step and leave something i used to do behind (one of them being a Nokia user forever then suddenly become a Sony Ericsson user). but most of the time, there are more things outside our boxes and it's nice to know those stuff and trust me, i sometimes feel that my brain can't contain all that information anymore.

so at the end of this day and this entry, i hope and i dream and i vision a world open to the changes that the digital revolution is offering. i remember my digital news teacher told me that digitization isn't just about changing or shifting but convergence.

someday, people will understand why i can stay all day in front of my computer, watching my favorite tv series or even movies, why i hate when people ask me to fax something when i can email it to them, why id rather talk to people in instant messengers rather than sms, why when im in front of my computer, i feel connected to the rest of the planet.

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