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my life in review

no reason at all. just that my eyes are swollen and i am home on a saturday night which is unusual :-) it's either one of three things, family day, work or coffee night with friends.

as the title says, my life in review. I'll try to remember as much as i can; all my plans and goals that i wish to accomplish, and i actually had to read a previous blog entry to write this one.

1. my master's degree. well, it didn't pushed through because i got a new job which is a bit complicated (in terms of schedule) than my previous office hours job. although i have signed forms and completed all necessary documents, i had to wait to get to the "regular mode" first before going back to school. but that's alright, i am still looking forward to being over with it by 25.

2. the singapore trip with jarvik. i haven't save up for this! they were so many expenses this past months but i will try my best best to have enough sources by september of this year.

3. a job in singapore or new york? well, not at the moment as i currently am enjoying my job as online videographer. and as mushy as it seems but i see myself doing this for even, forever. i see a lot of shortcomings on my part but i try to study my craft still. if i can, i do some experiments and i do a LOT and i mean a LOT of readings and reviews and tips and suggestions in making effective videos.

4. learning. i might not be able to go back to school this year but with the people i met these past two months, i learned so many my blog wouldn't be able to contain all of them. i will elaborate a few that really made a mark:

a. if you're in media, you won't see your own work.
b. there are people who will try to bring you down when they can and you have to stand still, or stand a bit higher and do your job, but do it well, you'd be better than others.
c. discrimination is inevitable but determination is the key. forget them.
d. be good with names. you never know when you'll bump into someone again.
e. our country is blessed with talented people. let's make some effort in helping them.

so that's basically that. i may be writing this because i am gaining another year old next month but technically it's really because of the swollen eyelids which i hope gets better tomorrow so i can go to work at Enchanted Kingdom (trivia: i haven't been there, ever! i have vertigo.)

i am freaking enjoying Grey's Anatomy (i've said this a lot of times!) but yes I am and kinda sad because it's Season Finale next week so have to wait again for a few months for Season Five. I love the last scene of last episode when Meredith reveals something about her mom, when we thought we knew everything about Ellis when she died, we don't. and though we thought we understand why Meredith is acting the way she is, we don't.

anyway, have a great weekend!

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