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talking to gary valenciano

i was planning to blog about this while the memories are still fresh but i had full day yesterday and had to share all my days kwento with papa as he left for yet another voyage early this morning.

iya tipped me off with their shoots for national geographic so i dropped by and got an interview with donita rose and kuya kim. gary v was scheduled at 7pm which was in conflict with a prior appointment, the press and vip screening of the new Indiana Jones flick. While waiting at Gateway mall in Cubao, I tried my luck and asked iya if there was any chance we can do an interview earlier than 7pm and they said, yes.

of course we all know gary v is one of the best but i am not a big fan and still not after the conversation but one thing i can say is i admire him. aside from the fact that he performs very well and he's one of the nicest guys in the industry, as an artist, he is open and looking forward to the innovations of technology that can somehow affect his career, or well at least how people like him do business.

things we talked about after the interview? stuff like web broadcasting, how blogging and social networking sites changed the way he communicates with fans, how videos in web are more personal, how there's HD and small gadgets can do so much better, the day when songs will be given for FREE and recording artists will only earn from live performances, and so much DIGITAL MEDIA stuff! Thank God i read a lot and i didnt run out of ideas to share with mr. pure energy.

as ive said before, i get a boost of inspiration when i meet people who are not afraid to evolve and revolve.

so there, i am only using my mobile phone as modem because for some reason, our pldt dsl connection is down.

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