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we can't have it all. CC: MASSCOMM SOCIETY

i know it's not easy and this could be the hardest, most painful thing you'll ever experience in your life, but i am telling you, from somebody who had been in your position few years ago, this won't be the last. the real world can be more cruel. and even if you give your best shot at something, you will be called the worst. 

cry all you want and rant for as long as you can but at the end of the day, you have to learn that in this life, WE CAN NEVER HAVE IT ALL. we lose some, win some. yes painful but you have to rise above this and be brave enough to face the reality that shit happens even to those who don't deserve it, even to those who obviously gave more than their best, to those who poured their hearts out and sacrificed even the most precious things for our dear masscomm society. 

that is a reality we can't change. and that is something we must accept. 

we may never get a grandslam in this cheerdancing competition but they can never break our spirits.

we may never be considered the best every year but they can never change the fact that when masscomm calls for all its children, including those who have once danced, cheered or joined the pep, they come ROARING.

we may lose games every year, every competition, everything, but trust me when i say, that you will never lose your masscomm family.  

we can't have it all because if we do, there'll be no more reason to give our best shot at every thing.

rise above this and take this as a challenge to do better next time. 

nothing that i say will make you feel better, but if it'll be of any help, id like you to know that whenever im down with work or with reality and with anything random, i look at pictures, i recall all the tears shed and i am glad because i know that when everything else crumbles down, the family you call the MASSCOMM society is there. 

so cheer up, and rise above this. 

remember, we are the mighty masscomm. and yeah, shit happens to mighty people and unfortunately, even the MIGHTIESTs can never have it all.

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