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when to stop.

i often wonder when's the best time to stop something, anything, everything. and sometimes, i even ask myself if the act of stopping ends it all.

i wanted to end something last night and somehow did. i stopped. 

i was afraid to make the same mistakes i did a few years ago and fall on the same trap that changed my life forever. i was tired. i was exhausted.

this morning i realize that i just needed a break. and that instead of taking this burden as it is, take it as an opportunity to make things better, in my case, to make up for all my stupidity in the past. 

we often forget to see the bigger picture in this great scheme of things.

so when to stop? you'll know it when you do. but right now, i plan to run and keep going.

(note: another one of my non-sense-i-want-to-write-lang entries)

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