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what i miss about my gradeschool years.

had a blast with my gradeschool friends last sunday, the people who saw me laugh, cry, and everything that could happen to a child. they saw how immature and childish i was but then again, after more than 15 years of friendship, we spent a day (and night) like it was only yesterday.

i miss being so early in school, like really early. i dont know what happened.

i miss going home during lunch breaks. yes, we were given the freedom to go home if we want to. in an hour, i can have lunch and power nap and go back to school for chitchats or games.

i miss playing stupid-funny games at the end of each day or the serious talks we used to had whenever there are problems.

i miss walking around the school, just walking.

i miss the teasing, the paiyakan, the asaran and all that tuksuhan.

i miss the tension that i feel everytime i go to school without homework.

i miss performing for school programs.

i miss being the student council president because at 12, how are you suppose to lead a bunch of gradeschool kids.

i miss being with my best buddies all day everyday even on weekends when we tambay everywhere, learning to cook, watching stuff, playing, joyrides, and all.

i miss going to mabitac church just for the climb actually.

i miss my teachers. no im not the teacher's pet cause more often than not, i cause chaos with my stupid mind-buggling and impossible questions but then again they love me. cause at the end of the day, i do my responsibilities.

i miss walking from and to school. my home is so near, it takes me 5 minutes to get to school.

i miss crazy projects.

i miss terror teachers.

i miss arguing with teachers. yes, i argue too much i think. i made some teachers cry, well the whole class did.

i miss not worrying about tomorrow.

i miss not thinking about taxes and salary deductions, etc.

i miss sleeping so soundly at night looking forward to what's going to happen at school.

i miss not wanting for my mom to bump into one of my teachers, scared they might told her of my kalokohans.

i miss hakone, i miss bebang, i miss dianne, and all of them.

i miss clarence and arguing with him, and putting up a fair fight to this rivalry that we had since we were like what, 4? that taught me a lot though. and the guy will always be a reminder to me that i should keep up and be better.

i still wait for pictures of last sunday's party. i hope to see them soon.

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