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i am grateful

The last few weeks of my life had been a roller coaster ride, primarily because of work and a whole dozen other things that I have to deal with, the mobile phone issue to be specific.

I have moved on and in fact bought a replacement but the person whom I prayed for (Yes, i did pray for the person, whoever he may be, to take care of my old phone) sent me an email thus leading to a new journey, of trying to get my phone back, hopefully.

I now sit in front of our pool, watching over cousins whom i havent seen in weeks. Theyre playing at the pool and im typing a blog entry. I promised them we'll go out when the closest mall opens.

I miss being a kid. All I worry then was when the weekend will come, I dont even bother reviewing notes over the weekend. It was a life that I may never have again in this lifetime.

I love my job, it was, it is and it will be the craft I know I was born to. But sometimes, as in any other passion, we seek for a break, for a time-out, for a rest, because we need our space.

That though maybe impossible and for the fact that in my job, everyday is new, every video is different, and you are as good as your last video/article, i choose not to take a break.

I just miss hanging out with friends, missed two dinners over the week.

Continued 12.14

And i am grateful for everything, just about everything.

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