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life is one BIG PARTY - wanie's year ender

it was one hell of a year. i took risks, i acted based on my impulses. sometimes i was thinking, sometimes i wasnt. but the thing is, i was blessed. and for that i am so grateful.

allow me to take you through a year long party of my life.

i was still with AsianLogic then as their PR assistant but i barely had a break even with my vacation leaves because the company just floated at the London Stock Exchange-AIM and i had to help organize a party in London from where i am, Manila. but i found time to party. it was st paul qc's fair and being the "ate" to a lot of girls, i supported them all the way. even if i was the only one from my batch (at least people there didnt made me feel that way). 

i applied for a new job (which is my job right now) and got in. i always knew id get in. why? the job interview i had with then multimedia editor Joey Alarilla was by far among the most INTELLIGENT, most INTERESTING conversations i ever had in my entire life. it wasn't about showing off to get the job, it was about ME talking about my hopes and dreams and where i see technology in media is going. while on the process of excitement for an exciting journey ahead of me, i had to face the reality that i am leaving my job, a second home to me in last few months or so. but we all had to move on and so i did.

MARCH 2008.
as if saying goodbye to your old job isnt enough, my good friend ferry is leaving for Canada, for long. and though it pains us to see one is leaving, we didn't had a choice but to bid her goodbye and wish her luck. I started working for and whoa. that was just that, WHOA (in a good way)

APRIL 2008
i met lea salonga, dream come true. enough said. 

MAY 2008
more parties and more adventures. and by party i dont mean big parties. just small drinking sessions wherever life takes us. went out to a few trips which by the way made me do things i don't usually do. 

JUNE 2008
i spent my birth month working. and i somehow conquered my fear of heights. my birthday was spent covering the opening of classes making me follow Department of Education Secretary Jesli Lapus wherever he goes. and that was cool. sometimes i need that rush to remind me why i do what i do. oh yes, i got to cover the most powerful human being in the country today, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at the Independence Day celebration. 

JULY 2008
more petix, more dinners. trip to up north

im off to a better career surprise. and more work for me. and oh, i got to watch Cinderella with good friend Trixie Ambrosio. That night was fun, and another dream come true. and oh, who would forget Eraserheads reunion concert? Most of my friends were there but only saw 2 of them. two reasons: The Fort looked small because it seemed that the entire country was there, and second, i was there on coverage. 

my first trip out of the country for a Google coverage. i love traveling but every time we would want to go somewhere i would want it to be in the country that's why there was never an out of the country thing. why see the world when you haven't explored the beauty right in front of you? (that's patriotic, but that's me). but then again its work and nothing wrong about that so went to Singapore for 2 days. i love my new post at work, where i get to edit videos although i must admit i miss going out.

fun fun fun! our department had a trip to baguio with everyone (except edz) and we all had a blast. ghost hunting with these people is so cool. we'll never stop laughing with 'its too smoooooool', 'spelunking', 'umf' jokes. i love my job. i will always do.

it was a trip down memory lane, we had a major gradeschool party! yes with my gradeschool friends. though work is a little crazy because of a lot of things we had to do, it was great. and too bad, i lost my phone and 500+ worth of phone numbers and emails.

had a blast at our Christmas party and had this journey to conquer my stolen phone which ended in an amicable settlement in my favor. so i bought a new one. and oh, i got to cover lea salonga as she sings this awesome song of a MMFF entry.i must say this is a generous Christmas for me cause i know i made some people happy. 


i learned a lot this year but i guess the most important lesson ever was the fact that you can enjoy and party and work all at the same time. and that i know i learn from work and the people i work with. though i still believe there's a small boundary that separates work from who you are and that there's a need to live that other life, its all a matter of BALANCE (which i fairly suck at).

life is short. and we don't have the slightest idea when it's gonna end so party, enjoy and seize it! 

cause the greatest dream can only be achieved when you're having fun. 

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