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the choices we make

i always say that there is no such thing as right or wrong choice, cause the only thing that defines our choices are the things we do after we decide. 

example 1. 

i decided to shift and transfer from UST to St Paul, while most of the people I've been talking to before, while and after the decision was made was saying it was a wrong choice, i did it anyway. I proved them wrong because I made the best of what I can while in St. Paul. its not the school that matters, its YOU.

example 2. 
choosing a more complicated career than a greener one. from physical therapy to mass communications. they say that only the best of the best get in that program and letting that go for a course like masscomm was a huge mistake. i proved them wrong. 

oftentimes, we say that we do not have a choice, we actually do. 

only that, our instincts tell us to choose the easier one, to take the shortcut and get to where were going in a snap of a finger.

derek of grey's anatomy once asked mark sloan, ' why worry about the destination, why can't it be the journey?'

so the choices we make, should be the one that will teach us the most. 

it is the hardest choices in life that makes us who we are and gives us the most wisdom. 

im stubborn and i dont listen to people's advice. i prefer to do things the harder more complicated way. and quite a few times, i realize that i should have listen. but i found life's greatest beauty when that happens for the simple reason that i learn a lesson. 

so there's one choice that im gonna do today. before i go to church. before i sit down and talk to God. 

it is a hard one, it is a complicated one, and most of all, it is a PAINFUL one. 

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