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I am Emilio Aguinaldo

You are GEN. EMILIO AGUINALDO! (1869-1964)

Aguinaldo was a general in and the elected leader of the revolutionary government. Ironically, he was brought up to be kind and wary of confrontation. He claimed not to have enemies, though some say he did not have many friends either. Gen. Antonio Luna called him conceited and said that his weak character was unbecoming of a leader. But even if Aguinaldo wasn't the most aggressive in pushing for the revolution, he always knew who was boss.

Like Aguinaldo, you are peaceful, and would rather suffer silently than make enemies, though you inevitably do. As such, you have a tendency to be a martyr, and believe that life is full of hardship and sadness. On the flipside, you are not likely to be a martyr for real since you are always the one calling the shots from above.

You always find yourself in "positions of incompetence," like a high-school dropout who would manage to take control of the Philippines. You rarely listen to your main adviser, and you could end up writing an entire book to fight him. Because of your deviousness, you could a brilliant military strategist, possibly too brilliant. Nothing gets in your way, even other generals, the most famous of whom you would not own up to murdering.

You are in fact, a great leader, but people still don't know for sure if you are dedicated to a greater cause, or only to your personal ambitions.

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