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in awe at world's end (and there's headache too)

talk about learning to reward one's self. this week's movie is pirates of the carribean, at world's end.

as expected, the movie is a blast and at par the best among the trilogy. not only its effects and action sequences are fantastic but the twists and turns and whose side is who is just mind-blowing (causing me headache while watching). of course, one has to be patient to wait for the credits to over to see what'll happen to will and elizabeth after ten years (yes, patience is a virtue).

definitely looking forward to GA's Season 4. satisfied the crave by rewatching the previous seasons and watching dawson's creek, when katie holmes is not yet mrs. cruise w/o yuri of course.

this week's gonna be a busy week.. with a deadline on the 30th and an island brochure meeting with the CEO.. wheew.. its tough.

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