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sharp mind, unhealthy body.

thanks to kathryn annE galang for this wonderful, most appropriate tagline for my sites.

people used to wonder why im so good at small details, dates, places, information, events. i don't as well know why. im bad at people's birthdays though.

and so sharp mind, but unhealthy body. too bad. oh well, DIDNT WE ALMOST HAD IT ALL?

its thursday today, not so busy for the past two weeks.

been feeling a little bad, career issues and stuff but getting the hanging of it. this as they say, are normal stuff. questions like, is this really where im gonna be? will this fulfill my being?

and people coined a term for it, which is Quarter-Life Crisis.

weekend na naman... can't wait for weekend to arrive! wheeww...

sana paggising ko, september na!

argh! nonsense noh?

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