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my work nights

due to some things that need to be done and to the fact that afternoon in barcelona is evening here, ive been spending extra hours in the office, making phone calls, sending people messages for an event our company is joining in Barcelona. unfortunately, we don't have any contact in Spain so all transactions are made from here to local contractors there.

i am a bit stressed because another extra work that involves number is also being assigned to me and my manager. although it was not included in our job description as we are the "communications department", we had to do it as no other people can do it. siguro, mabait din talaga kaming mga tao.

my big boss and one of my officemates are already in Barcelona for the event but our contractors have been sending me emails even if I've told them its best to contact the people there. but i don't have a choice so i stay here late at night, making sure things are well.

i am not complaining as i really do enjoy events thing. it's just that since vertigo, my being antukin was much much more aggravated and i hate it. antukin na nga noon, mas lalo na ngayon.

anyway, i know it's worth it. i'm learning to love the job even more... because its simply, unpredictable.

life is good, life is sweet. life is everything but ordinary.

sorry. windang na kasi nasa meeting sila so walang sumasagot from Barcelona.

yun lang. work nights are cool.

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