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i've realized that it's been awhile since the last blog entry was written and so i write this one.

1. i saw someone last thursday who told me she finds my blog entries very funny and i don't know how to react.

2. i was given full access at st. paul qc's fair this year and i so love this. in exchange, i stamped their an entire ream or circle of rides' tickets, aside from the sponsors' database i gave aan and moral support that i've showered them over the years.

3. i am working on my graduate school application. so far, i was able to get one from ms. verona and ms. bello in exchange of chocolates.

4. i've bought a php1000 for only php600, thanks to post-holiday sales and discounts.

5. i've found my adidas body spray at sm centerpoint watsons'. it's very rare. the ratio, out of 5 stores that i've visited, only 1 of it has one.

6. reading a lot. wikipedia has become my constant companion. although i don't 100% trust it, i believe majority of its contents are accurate and true, but nonetheless, main ideas are there.

7. organizing my footwear. i have a lot and the shoe rack which mom and i supposed to share isn't even enough for my shoes alone. so i decided to choose which ones need to be there, the ones i usually use, and the other ones i rarely use or bought just for special occassions. collecting shoes is my passion, rubber shoes and slippers in particular. current favorite is rox and the brazilian branded slippers from dad.

8. a breather from work. after quite a few busy weeks, i am currently doing nothing allowing me to write this blog entry and which also is the reason why i've been in wikipedia a lot.

9. i was invited to judge at this year's Karol Awards for the music video category. Thanks thanks to those who've thought of the idea, and it is as always, an honor to be of service to the Mass Communication Society.

10. lea salonga will play cinderella this july.

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