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the conversation worth blogging

[10:54] pre_t3x: sino?
[10:54] janie_christine: and i cant
[10:54] janie_christine: let that memory linger forever
[10:54] pre_t3x: well then just leave it as a memory
[10:54] pre_t3x: that uncontolably pops up
[10:54] janie_christine: and we cant let it so
[10:55] pre_t3x: if it does pop up, we just have to deal with it
[10:55] pre_t3x: and try to forget again
[10:55] janie_christine: so just a cycle
[10:55] janie_christine: di ba hindi healthy yun?
[10:55] pre_t3x: try it hanggang sa maimmune ka na
[10:56] pre_t3x: and convince youirself lang
[10:56] janie_christine: haay
[10:56] janie_christine: back to basics
[10:56] pre_t3x: na go lang ng go
[10:56] janie_christine: back to zer
[10:56] janie_christine: zero
[10:56] janie_christine: go lang ng go
[10:56] janie_christine: tawa lang ng tawa
[10:56] pre_t3x: no naman
[10:56] pre_t3x: never sa life ang nagbaback to zero
[10:56] pre_t3x: kasi every moment we learn
[10:56] janie_christine: oo nga noh
[10:56] pre_t3x: so moving forward tayo palagi
[10:57] pre_t3x: walang zero:)
[10:57] janie_christine: :-)
[10:57] janie_christine: i need to be inspired
[10:57] janie_christine: how?
[10:57] janie_christine: ang galing
[10:57] pre_t3x: marami inspiration around
[10:57] janie_christine: yan mga sinasabi mo
[10:57] janie_christine: hindi yan
[10:57] janie_christine: masasagot ng wikipedia
[10:57] pre_t3x: sometimes we dont take the effort to find the,
[10:57] pre_t3x: haha yeah
[10:57] janie_christine: i will write a blog entry
[10:58] janie_christine: about this conversation

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