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2 funerals, quattro-kopi roti night, a new havis and more than 24 hours awake, literally.

5th of february. went to st. ignatius chapel at camp aguinaldo for one of my loved professors in college has lost a son. mr. pedroche's son, david died at age 45. i was with trina, guia and iya and decided to be left behind as aan & EC company are coming.

9th of february. sed & the SJ gang planned to have this after-thesis-proposal-defense party which only naj and sed attended. of course, the ever supportive "ates" jarvik and i, plus the new worker girl, chi and jovy and paj were also there to share the fun. after consuming a tower of draft, we decided to have coffee so we headed to kopi roti, which also was naj and sed's sort of baptism to this cool coffee shop. they were surprised by the prices of coffee and a kopi roti visit will be incomplete without the infamous, kopi bun. thanks to chi for the treat. and thanks guys for our "note comparing sessions" regarding our dear old people from the mc department.

10th of february. a sunday family day. what was planned to be spent in bonifacio high street with our dog kerck ended up in podium as my brother was hesitant to bring our dog along. after the lunch at banana leaf, we moved to st. francis for the family piracy day and then to mega to check on my dream gadgets and bought a new pair of havis i've been looking out for some time.

11th of february. expect the unexpected. but that's another story. will write another entry about that.

12th of february. ate kathleen send me a note on ym that ms b's dad just died. a few weeks ago, i accompanied ms b to hap chan to buy one of his dad's favorite food and then the night before, ms b and i are talking over the phone and enjoying a conversation. i had to text people again about it and seemingly, i felt as if i am a messenger of death because the last time i sent a note to all masscomm batchmates is about the death of mr. pedroche's son. i hope and pray that this is the last tuesday wake because another one might be too much. aan and company picked me up at shell in edsa corner buendia and headed to san pablo. we left the city at around 1:30 am and i arrived home past 3:00 am. i wasnt able to catch a sleep on the way as i am not used to and when i got home, i was hungry i ate something and i was afraid to immediately sleep as i was full. i headed to sleep at past 4:00 am and what do i know, it's already 6:30 am and i have to get up for work.

thought: a lot of things have happened in one week. time flies fast. and no matter how spons and i complain about how slow 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm approaches every day, at the end of the week, we always get the feeling that it's so fast, another week has passed us by.

i am going to make a lot of tough decisions in the days to come, so help me God.

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