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the "deal" is done - the moves

i promised to write this entry with the title the "moves" but i wanted to keep my line "the deal is done" so there, here's the blog entry i promised everyone.

(if you're thinking why i have chosen the word "deal" in the sentence the deal is done instead of "deed", it is primarily because i thought of this whole dilemma as a sort of a game show like deal or no deal, there are pros and cons, risks to be taken and a great amount of trust to rely on one's instincts.)

today, february 20th 2008 (2.20.2008), i officially tender my resignation as Bayview Technologies, Inc.'s Public Relations Assistant.

before i write my personal thoughts about it, let me share a few reactions from people i told about this big decision of mine during the "thinking" stage.

mom, "ha? iiwan mo na sila jeff?" (jeff is our marketing director)

papa, "oh, pano, ano gagawin mo?"

jarvik, "go na yan mami!"

spons, "go go go spons!"

katz, "im proud of you wanie"

trina, "janie:kontrobersyal"

kathy, "once in while, certain sacrifices have to be made to pursue your dreams"

bossing barbs, "welcome sa life na walang life"

pat gadi, "ate janie, im so happy for you."

this is the deal, i've been offered a job to work as an online videographer in one of the country's leading news website and in fact, included in top ten websites in the Philippines. My heart is overwhelmed and broken both at the same time. For one, an opportunity to fulfill my dreams has arrived, and another, I had to leave a company who has taught me a million things, from work-related stuff to trivial matters we sure during lunch breaks and in between working hours.

there were several offers from other companies in the past which i shuned because believe it or not, i am very happy with BTI. And I can prove that with almost a year of productive and fruitful stint with them so trina was surprised when i broke the news to her.

it wasn't an easy decision and i consider this one of the toughest i have made. i was tortured for more than a week. but as kathy said, certain sacrifices have to be made.

spons said i'llbe floating after i tender my resignation, and she was so damn right! my last day will be on the 14th of march, just enough time for the company to look for my replacement and so there'll be a proper turnover of my responsibilities as well as files, projects that i am currently handling.

one thousand and one thoughts are running in my head right now, primarily because my plan to go back to school might be temporarily put on hold as my new job will certainly take much of my time. but i think that is acceptable, at least most people say it is.

so there, at age 21, i experienced a first. a first resignation, on my first job, my first ever serious career opportunity.

the "deal is done, so help me Boss."

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