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mr. goobly niko meyter tyler.

people usually say that buying your first DSLR camera is like getting married. and i am not saved from the dilemma between choosing two established brands in the industry, Canon and Nikon. In the end, i chose a Nikon D40X.

i formally introduce to you a new addition to the "Breathe Alliance",

Mr. Goobly Niko Meyter Tyler
(thanks to Ice, Jarvik and Chi for the name)

i cannot say that i am an expert in photography because i am not but i'd like to think i have the "touch" i could further develop in the future given the right opportunities.

using my Sony Ericsson K810i 3.2 megapixel camera, I have been taking pictures of people, events and anything possible.

when we watched a concert weeks ago, i have taken great photos but unfortunately, due to lighting and to the limited capacity of my mobile phone camera, some photos were not worth uploading.

so when my dad asked me if i would want to buy a new digital camera, i told him the best decision would be to buy a DSLR.

we've been scouting and checking prices to different malls and last Monday, dad decided we'll buy one.

STOP 1. Canon, Cyberzone, Megamall. The price of a Canon DSLR 400d is reasonable but unfortunately, there's no free bag. and mom and dad hated that.

STOP 2. Silicon Valley. They have the bag, the price of a Canon DSLR 400d is the same as Canon's, but, they don't accept cards through EPS which is our preferred payment method.

STOP 3. 5th Avenue, Shangri La Plaza Mall. I saw the Nikon D40x which is cheaper and I think better since I wanted a Nikon camera from the beginning. We were going to buy it, just that, like Silicon Valley, they don't accept EPS cards.

STOP 4. Mom and Dad went to Hidalgo, Filipino photographers' haven to compare prices and thank God, they were able to buy one at Mayer.

I have always been a VISUAL person. My medium, video and web says it all. I hope that with Goobly boy, i can begin a new craft. For months now, I don't have a hobby (ask me to define hobby, it is a craft for me). A lot of people were suggesting i try sports but i guess that's just not me.

Wish me and Goobly luck.

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