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what could i say, i love shonda rhimes! you can check out Grey's Anatomy writers blog at this link.

for me, it was the best season finale because of one thing, it is hopeful despite the hurts, and the letting go's and the uncertainties. it was actually uncertain because (spoiler alert!)the episode ended with derek asking meredith to wait because he has to clear his conscience, in short, ending things with rose.

i am so proud of cristina yang! she's back in the game and even better!

and how i love izzie and alex in this episode. the reason behind alex's arrogance and toughness outside is finally revealed! that made me cry! as far as i can remember, this was the only episode i saw tears from his eyes. izzie was there of course being a good friend, or i hope more than that.

people from time to time need inspiration and in my career path and my life as well, i consider grey's anatomy my source of inspiration dose. career path takes it from the creative genius of the creator of the series and there'll always be life lessons in each episode.

there are a lot of things i admire about the show, but if there's one thing that stands out the most, it is their ability not to use a line or a dialogue yet say it all.

i am now looking forward to season 5, another long wait!

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