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a dose of kc concepcion, twice a day

no, i am not a fan but i do admire her advocacy and humanitarian works which by the way, i only heard from stories of friends and not really from publicity stuff.

i covered an early morning Walk the World event by UN-WFP who appointed KC as Philippine Ambassador Against Hunger so obviously she was there. This has got to be one of the hardest coverages i ever had because everyone seems to want to have a picture taken with her so i had no other choice but to do the interview, a video interview at that while walking, walking FAST! despite that, i was able to get a decent interview at least. she asked if i knew erika tapalla ('s multimedia specialist) and of course i do so we sort of started a short chat on that when i realized we just watched Caregiver last night and my mom wanted to find out where the British actors came from, and KC gave me the answer.

forward to 3 in afternoon.

i was on my way to the Asian Poker Tour when we recognized each other in the lobby again. thank God, i was able to relay Erika's message! and she thanked me again and even asked when the video might be coming up online. well, it was so nice of her to even recognized me when i know, i am not someone people usually remembers.

anyway, now i know, KC is genuinely nice and no doubt she really is blessed. i just hope she remains grounded despite her accomplishments in life, as a person and as an actress.

that's the highlight of the day, a dose of kc concepcion, twice a day.

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