BLIP with me


2008 ended and 2009 started at WORK.

and i love it.

i almost finished editing a show yesterday and welcomed 2009 getting shots and soundbites that we need for today's videos and watched grey's anatomy marathon.

by 8am, i was prepping to go to work and process videos that came from everywhere. i wasn't cramming or freaking out, i am, i would say at my chillest/coolest state. its almost 6pm and i am at the moment rendering our daily newscast which we shot today as well.

and i cant believe it.

for the past few weeks, i freak out a lot. i rant a lot but now is just chill. i miss chilling.

i guess im loving work more and more. im not really looking forward to sleeping tonight.

btw, i am the only one processing videos today. i love my job!!! woohoo!!!!
(not another may-masulat-lang-entry)

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